2010: The Year of How

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How many times has this happened to you?

  • In planning for a meeting, you develop a strategy and sales points, developing what you consider to be the perfect plan. There’s no way that your idea can fail. However, halfway through your presentation, a participant chimes in with that one statement you weren’t expecting: “That’s not going to work,” and an argument that takes the wind out of your sails. Your concept is dashed and the discussion comes to an abrupt stop.
  • Over dinner, you’re talking with your spouse about an upcoming vacation and what you’d both like to do. Each option that’s presented is met with “oh, no, we can’t do that” and a supporting reason why not. The cycle of thought immediately stops.

A helpful reminder...

What if the conversation didn’t stop there? What if, instead of derailing the train of thought with the word “no”, we pushed forward by asking “how?” By pressing forward with brainstorming and uncovering options, not only do we reach a potentially lost goal, but we also change our perspective on many parts of our lives – social, professional, even spiritual.

With this perspective, I am declaring this new year as the Year of How. I predict that, by expanding our minds and refusing to dismiss what still may lie within the confines of the law and morality, we can accomplish so much more in business and in our lives. I urge you to try it out. The next time you feel the need to say “no”, stop yourself and, instead, ask “how?” I’m sure that you will find yourself thinking more positively and learning far more than you ever could with the “no” mindset.

Patrick King

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A lifelong designer-turned-entrepreneur, Patrick King is the founder of Imagine, an integrated marketing firm based in Manassas. He also has a remarkable sock collection.


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