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4 Customer Service Tips for Your Property Management Company

Customer service is the lifeline of any company. If tenants become disgruntled with the response of a company they are likely to take their business elsewhere. In the property management arena, swift responses not only become key to keeping business, it is also a great strategy to attract new clients.

Here are four customer service tips for your property management company:

Devise a Clear Rental Agreement

Make certain that your rental agreement is clear and concise and effectively addresses issues that may come up during the duration of the agreement. Ambiguous language will lead to potential problems so define terms with clarity. Repairs on the property are a potential issue so it is optimal to state in the agreement who is responsible for specific problems. You can receive some guidance from pre-printed forms that can be purchased at Office Depot. These forms are meant to serve as a guide and you can tailor the information to meet the needs of your property.

Respond Quickly

Most people prefer a quick response to a question or concern. As a property manager, it is your duty to respond to a tenant’s issue even if falls the outside of your realm as a property manager. If a tenant brings a complaint to your attention, a lack of response is unacceptable. By responding via email or making a call, the tenant feels as if you are vested in his or her interest. If it is genuinely an issue that falls outside of your responsibilities as a property manager, point the tenant to the appropriate contact so that he or she can address the issue.

Answer Work Orders

Tenants want working appliances and when they fail, they want it fixed quickly. If it is a legitimate repair, then the property manager must fix the issue without delay. To make the form more efficient, you can customize your work order with Deluxe to cater to your clientele and property. There may be times when you need to enter a tenant’s property, but make certain that you alert the residents as to the reason for your entry. Do not compromise the privacy of your tenants unnecessarily.

Employ Technology to Help Manage Issues

Technology can provide an important tool for property managers to deal with tenant issues. Consider automating work order requests online as well as a standard response form to ensure that there is adequate follow up for a customer complaint. It is a prudent idea to incorporate customer relationship management software through Zipwire to track customer information, activities and conversations. This will help you establish marketing strategies as well as address common complaints. Disseminate monthly newsletters for any safety alerts, property concerns and social events that may occur on the property.

Address Complaints Among Neighbors

If a conflict arises between neighbors, do not sit on it. Before it escalates, have a conversation with the parties to determine what the issue may be and offer solutions to pacify and mediate the dispute. Property managers want to retain other tenants as well, but that can be difficult if a few residents disrupt the peace on the property.


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