We’re a small, scrappy agency that loves getting our hands dirty and learning about our clients. Each marketing strategy we develop is truly unique to each engagement – built from battle-tested research and the expertise that only comes from decades of marketing experience. At Imagine, you get no frills, no confusing jargon, and no wasted time in getting lasting results.

Deep expertise. We want to serve the industries we truly care about, so we can quickly develop scrappy marketing tactics and strategies that can be tested, tweaked, and re-deployed without months of navel-gazing.

Courage. It takes both expertise and daring to break through the noise. Our culture of disruption and creativity is based on making those bold moves that create lasting results. We know the risks to take – and the ones to avoid.

Responsiveness and transparency. You deserve to be treated as more than an account. We limit our client roster to make sure every client feels like our only client. As a result, clients are more informed and more confident in our work.

Moving you forward – faster. From frequent check-ins to online collaboration, our structure allows us to be as aggressive as you need us to be, making an impact more quickly.

Best Marketing Agency in Prince William County


We know where we’re the most effective, so we choose to stay there.


We work with non-profits, local governments, and mid-sized B2B companies. We’re offering special support for tourism and hospitality organizations.


Our clients are typically in North America, although we have made exceptions for some European businesses. We like to travel.


We excel in handling complex, omnichannel digital outreach, and taking a nimble approach to conversion optimization.


Our minimum cost of engagement is $25,000 and can consist of branding projects, integrated campaigns, or long-term marketing management.


If you’d rather call, give us a ring at (703) 457-6846. We have great hold music, but you won’t hear much of it.