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Email Marketing Hacks For 2018 And Beyond

Some people may think of email marketing as old fashioned. However, it remains one of the most successful marketing strategies that a business can use. Even better, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Sites like MailChimp will even let you get started for free.

Some of the biggest businesses are using email marketing to promote a brand, send offers, and much more. With email marketing, you can send specific messages to the exact people that you want to target. Segmenting contacts into lists can make this even more effective.

Sure, not everyone is going to open the email that you send, but there are techniques to build your open and click rates. In order to encourage more people to open the email and take an action, you have to be savvy. Subject lines are possibly the most important, because people need a reason to click on it.

Behold: A Trove of Email Marketing Tips

The experts over at 99firms have created an infographic that gives you a look into some tips and tricks of email marketing. It may seem long (because it is) but it’s a one-stop cheat sheet of interesting stats and ways to gain a competitive edge.

For example, did you know that 94% of companies say that personalizing an email is the key to success? Or that, when it comes to the subject line of an email, under 50 characters tends to work best? Or that simply using the word ‘alert’ in a subject line can increase opens by 61.8%? How about the fact that offering a single call to action can improve response by 371%?

You can find more facts and hacks like this by taking a look at the infographic below. Check it out – and it won’t be long before you are pretty savvy with everything there is to know about email marketing.

Email Marketing Optimization Hacks

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