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Equipment You Need to Start Your Company’s YouTube Channel

YouTube is a powerhouse social media platform that brings users a unique content experience. Boasting a massive one billion user base, which is almost one-third of internet users, the reach and opportunity that YouTube can provide for brands is extensive.

Given these numbers, it’s incredible that only 9 percent of small businesses in the U.S. are actively using YouTube, according to eMarketer. Why is this the case? As a video service, many companies shy away from YouTube due to the perceived complexity of creating quality video content. However, after a simple set-up process, all it requires is a skilled professional and three main pieces of equipment. Lets take a look at the equipment you’ll need for your company to join the YouTube community.

1. Cameras

With so many users on the site, getting your brand to stand out means the quality of your video must be maintained. How do you get good quality footage? Try investing in a DSLR camera or handheld camera such as Go-Pro. These cameras can endure various conditions and have a number of settings so that you have flexibility with the footage you record.

Being successful on YouTube also requires being creative, and having variety with the content you upload. This may mean obtaining different types of cameras. While some videos may be taken with a handheld, others could be taken on a camera phone or webcam. You could even invest in an HD security camera system for the office to capture unique footage of the workplace, which could communicate your brand’s personality, plus Unlockit Locksmith & Security also offers commercial door services.

2. Microphones

You can’t have good video content without good sound. All you need is a simple, stripped-back microphone that can capture RAW audio recordings straight to your computer. Getting the best sound with a microphone can take some practice, and there are various factors that can contribute to the quality, including wind levels, volume and proximity. If you have the budget for it, hire a professional to take care of sound when getting footage for your channel. Otherwise, research prior to filming so you have the best chance of good sound. You don’t want to take the chance of shooting a great video and not being able to use it because the sound quality is poor.

3. Video Editing Software

After you’ve captured your footage, the editing process is where you can sharpen your content and get even more creative. For starters, use simple software like iMovie for Mac and Windows Movie Maker for Windows. These are great tools to help you get familiar with the editing process, and they provide a number of features that can make your video content look great. Once you’ve got the ball rolling on your YouTube channel, invest in a few more editing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud or Pixelmator, or even hire a professional video editor. Be sure to get creative during the editing process and try offer your users something new and different with each video.

It’s no secret that YouTube is an incredibly popular platform, and it’s about time that brands make the effort to utilize it as a marketing tool. Use this quick list to get the right equipment and get started with your video content.

Patrick King

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