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Great Feedback!!!

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Before I begin, let me first say that I do NOT post client emails without their prior permission.

This email came as feedback to a poster I’m working on and, although he knows very little about the process, his feedback was exactly what I hoped for. It’s not profound, but very illustrative. In the next couple days, I will post the final artwork.

“Thanks for these. My comment is that there may be too much emphasis is on the photos. They are less important than the text -because all of these photos will be included in the power point show running continuously during the party. The text should be the dominant element.

I also think the type font is hard to read. Suggest changing to a Germound bold if possible.

Hope this will not take too much of your time to redo. If it does, let me know. Call me if you wish to discuss.

Thanks for all you are doing.”

Patrick King

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A lifelong designer-turned-entrepreneur, Patrick King is the founder of Imagine, an integrated marketing firm based in Manassas. He also has a remarkable sock collection.

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