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How SEO Can Boost Your Brand’s Online Performance

Irish software developer Probendi, developer of an Android-based smartphone called iWatch, is suing Apple for displaying Google ads of the keyword “iWatch” in order to promote the Apple Watch. Probendi alleges Apple is misusing their trademark to drive Google users to Apple Watch websites. Previously, Apple had to pay $60 million in order to settle a trademark dispute in China over the name “iPad.” Such disputes indicate how important major companies such as Apple view the importance of search engine optimization for branding. By actively pursuing an SEO strategy, you can influence how your customers find you online and how they perceive your brand. This can sometimes be challenging but you can always hire a professional agent at seo toronto agency if you don’t feel confident to do it yourself.

Brand Your Meta Content

Meta content is key to successful search engine optimization, and plays an equally important role in harnessing SEO for branding. For example, in its branding standards guidelines for its Web developers, the University of Memphis emphasizes the importance of meta content for presenting the school’s image. The guidelines stress the significance of harmonizing branding goals with textual elements, including page titles, on-page keywords, and page descriptions. Such textual elements should use vocabulary that is consistent with your branding message.

The university’s guidelines also identify image tags as one of the meta content elements that help ensure consistency between on-page SEO and branding goals. Images themselves should also be consistent with SEO and branding objectives. A digital asset management tool such as WebDAM can help you create a library of images with file names consistent with your brand, so that your web designer can make sure your site’s visual content supports your SEO branding goals. Look to Baldyne Digital Marketing in Roseville for the best in SEO services in the area.

Optimize Your About Page

Another part of your website which defines your online brand is your About page. When visitors want to know what you’re about, your About page is the first place they click. Make sure your About page describes your company by using vocabulary optimized to communicate your branding message to search engines. For instance, Nike’s branding page includes its mission statement: “Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world,” supplemented by an asterisk note, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” An image of everyday athletes jogging down a street supports the page’s message.

Brand Your Google Plus Profile

As John Stokes of TrackMaven summarizes, studies by SEO experts at Searchmetrics and Moz have demonstrated a high correlation between Google +1 votes and Google search engine rankings, a conclusion which is not surprising in light of Google’s ownership of Google Plus. This makes your Google+ profile a leveraged tool for boosting your brand’s SEO performance. Search Engine Watch writer Kristi Hines recommends using the first 160 characters of your profile’s meta description to optimize your profile page. Your meta description includes space for a tagline and an introduction that can express your brand’s message.

Make Your Social Profiles SEO-friendly

As with Google Plus, profiles on other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram can impact how your brand is perceived and portrayed by search engines. Elite SEM senior SEO manager Tony Edward provides some guidelines for optimizing social profiles. In general, use images consistent with your brand, fill out forms completely so as to leverage all available content, and update your profile with frequent updates and posts so that it doesn’t look abandoned. For specific social media sites, follow best practices applicable to that platform. For instance, on Facebook, it’s advisable to include an album of images in addition to your photo and cover image so you can visually depict what your brand represents. Additionally, you should populate your page info section with as much content as possible. You can also include customized tabs to feature additional content. Time Warner Cable’s Facebook page uses this last tactic effectively, with customized tabs that include locations of service center, upcoming pay-per-view events, free Showtime previews, and “Project Runway” contests.

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