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How to Improve Customer Service in Your Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Customer Service Tips

Real Estate is back on the rise in almost every market nationwide, and the number of agents either getting their license for the first time or re-activating an expired license is following suit. With more than 430,000 real estate agents across the country, how can you stand out among the crowd?

The easiest and most effective way is with exceptional customer service. Luckily, there are a ton of methods to use when looking to increase your client’s experience through all of the stages of the real estate process. Whether your clients are buying or selling, these tools can help you with the different types and levels of customer service required.

Lead Management

With anywhere from hundreds to thousands of brokerages and companies in each market, the competition to find leads can be fierce. Smaller organizations with limited lead generation and influence can often manage their clients with ease, but as companies begin to grow, the demand for new leads, lead management and conversion can quickly outpace your ability to keep up.

All-in-one systems like Kunversion can be a life saver. It combines a unique website using the latest IDX technology with phenomenal lead generation and organization. It also incorporates a back-end dashboard that lets you monitor lead activity, email or text directly to a potential client, set reminders and sync up with Google Calendar.

Initial Contact

Once you have the lead, what do you do? Odds are they didn’t only visit your website if they truly are looking for a home to buy. Make sure that the client is cared for and frequently contacted to help them through the process of a home sale. If you need some inspiration check out other real estate companies, like Invest Four More real estate and ask yourself, what are they doing differently?

Companies like Zipwire can ease the pressure of the logistics of call management. Call management can quickly go from overwhelming to seamless with cloud based contact centers that handle inbound calls, outbound calls or a combination of the two. Many also offer CRM integration and mobile options. This way the customer is always treated with respect and feels as if they are the most important client.

Building the Foundation

One of the key aspects to helping your clients is the ability to build trust. More often than not, the quickest way to convey trust is being able to answer questions when they come up. It sounds simple, however, with the immense amount of information associated with the real estate market, trying to keep up to date on everything that might be important can be nearly impossible.

Companies like Reality have committed themselves to making sure you have the information you need and to answering whatever questions might come up. With information models for everyone from the lone agent to multi-office brokers, they guarantee you will increase your income if you follow their plan.

The Real Estate agent of today must be able to fulfill different roles throughout the process. Whether these tasks be fiduciary, sales or marketing related, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Do your research. Find out what options will best serve you so that you can best serve your clients.

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