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How to Run Your Blog on Different Mobile Platforms

Responsive Web Design Concept. VectorApproximately 18 percent of small businesses and blogs use mobile apps to manage their books, while 44 percent advertise through a social media platform, reports Constant Contact. A recent Flurry Analytics report dissected mobile use across the map, boasting that mobile messaging and social posting on a mobile device has grown 203 percent in 2013. Comparatively, utility and productivity app use has grown 149 percent. Here are some of the the best apps for iphone.

There are many providers offering new ways to blog on the go, as you will soon realize when you sift through the vastness of social media, micro-blogging, and mobile computer tablets.

Twitter: the Master of Micro-Blogging notes micro-blogging is a direct offshoot of social media. Twitter posts are confined to 140 characters. A simple image post on Facebook or Tumblr is a micro-blog. It is the act of posting short messages to the Web, and it is perfect for mobile platforms. Twitter, being the arbiter of micro-blogging, has a mobile platform that works strictly through SMS and online connections. Through retweeting and link-shortening, users can add links and reach user feeds with a single icon known as a hashtag (the # key).

Social Media Today confirms image tagging allows users to easily interact with and share small micro posts, such as a photo posted to a blog. Images can be taken directly with a smartphone or tablet and sent to the blog through a social media app.

The Ever-Growing Presence of WordPress

Users can post to their WordPress pages through any mobile device if need be. This accessibility is welcomed, but WordPress sites do tend to get rather large when users host images, audio, and videos on the website platform itself. An official WordPress moderator suggests using Flickr to host images and keep size down.

A large WordPress site can run slow, especially on mobile devices. Remove redundant plugins and themes to lower the size of the site and make it more accessible on a mobile platform. Fortunately, WordPress has a built in mobile pack with a mobile administrator panel. Through this panel, users can resize images, delete dated themes, omit widgets, and generally edit most major components of the website to reduce its size and streamline its look.

When looking over the size of a WordPress site, it can be taxing on a restricted data plan. You can complement your personal mobile blogging with a mobile Internet plan that provides up to 200 MB of additional data.

Don’t Dismiss Blogger and TUMBLR Mobile

Google provides a step-by-step platform for posting on Blogger through a mobile device. The system does restrict certain options, including images over 250 kilobytes, and requires a text messaging plan through the service. The Blogger service itself is free, and users simply connect their mobile phone to the platform for instant uploading of small posts. DegreeJournal also suggests individuals implement the visually-centered Tumblr into their efforts. It has the photo posting power of Facebook backed by the micro aspects of Twitter.

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