What’s In A Name?

By September 22, 2009 July 22nd, 2020 4 Comments
Patrick King

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A lifelong designer-turned-entrepreneur, Patrick King is the founder of Imagine, an integrated marketing firm based in Manassas. He also has a remarkable sock collection.


  • Stephen Hart says:

    Blimey I wouldn’t want to be a woman (especially a blonde) working for that company. Too easy a target for jokes!

    This all just goes to show it’s a BIG world and everything is out there!


  • Hitzel says:

    Just to kind of clarify this info, BIMBO is a the largest bakery company in Mexico and Latin America, having the 90% osf share market, perhaps to your country is totally unusual, but if you asked any persons from this countries, they surely will tell you who they are. I agree that the name is not as great as the company, but people do loves this little bear.

  • Reigneer says:

    In Mexico and Latin America, the word, “Bimbo” does not mean anything bad. It’s just known for the baked goods. I think (not sure) the company started in either Mexico or somewhere in Latin America. So, the company name was chosen without the founders’ knowledge of what the word means in the US (or maybe they did). However, you may recall a similar scenario involving a US made car that never sold well in spanish speaking countries. General Motors named a car, “Nova” and tried selling it in spanish speaking countries. The problem was “Nova” in spanish means, “does not go (no va).”

  • Hello Patrick!

    You are always good for a laugh. Thanks for brightening my day a little. Too funny!



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