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Instagram for Business: 40+ Marketing Tips

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Instagram is one of the most popular social apps out there, but how can you make use of Instagram for business? Our friends at 99firms created a compilation of the stats and Instagram for business facts showcasing why it’s so popular for marketers. Customers are mobile, and Instagram is a perfect way to reach them.

Companies, nonprofits and organizations of every stripe use it, with many taking advantage of “Instagram Stories”. This feature allows brands to place temporary posts at the top of the app, which makes their posts more visible. Brands like Adidas and Reebok use Instagram Stories to increase product awareness. Adidas’ Stories resulted in over 3 million opens and 30,000 clicks that led directly to their website.

Ulta and Sephora also follow suit. However, unlike other brands, they have tons of users who contribute to the production process. This tactic leads to a sharp rise in their customer engagement with nearly 85 million and 263 million likes and comments respectively.

MSNBC used Stories to connect with and increase interaction with the public. They respond to the most popular questions posed by its followers, using Instagram for business, politics and lifestyle communication. This provided an opportunity to deepen reports on several subjects and increase audience loyalty.

IBM has used geo-targeting on Instagram Stories to its advantage by creating special filters for its industry events. These Stories garnered nearly 246,000 unique viewers in addition to the regular visitors. This was more than a successful tactic for increasing brand awareness.

Fun Fact: The most famous face filters used in Instagram Stories are “puppy ears,” “sleep mask,” “bunny ears,” “love with heart-shaped darts,” and “koala ears.” Which filter is your favorite?

For more facts and stats about Instagram Stories and how the feature aids businesses, check out the infographic below:

Instagram for Business Tips

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