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Join the Journey: Imagine’s 20th Anniversary – Celebrate, Share, Inspire!

Imagine is thrilled to celebrate 20 years of excellence in branding and marketing for destinations. Our anniversary campaign, “20 Years of Adventure, One Legacy of Inspiration,” aims to commemorate this milestone in a memorable and meaningful way. We have planned several exciting ways for friends, clients, and destinations to participate in the celebration while supporting local charities.

We invite destinations to participate in our anniversary celebration by hosting their own fundraising events to support local charities. This initiative allows communities to come together, celebrate Imagine and Patrick King’s legacy, and contribute to a good cause.


How to Participate:

  1. Register: Destinations interested in participating can register on our website Here.
  2. Plan Your Event: Hosts have creative freedom in planning their events, which could be anything from open mike night, a flight special, a signature dish, an art exhibition, or any celebration that reflects the local culture and spirit. Keep us posted on the details so we can help!
  3. Promote and Raise Funds: Promote your event through local channels and social media, encouraging attendees to make donations to the chosen local charity in Imagine’s name. We will include your plans in our promotions as well.
  4. Share Your Success: After the event, share the amount raised and event highlights with Imagine, and we’ll recognize your contribution on our website and social media.


Individuals and travelers can also be a part of Imagine’s 20th-anniversary celebration by sharing their vacation photos or photos taken at their favorite destinations. This initiative allows everyone to join the festivities and share their love for travel and adventure.

How to Participate:

  1. Capture the Moment: When you embark on your vacation or visit your favorite destination in 2024, take photos that capture the essence of your experience.
  2. Share on Social Media: Post your photos on your social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
  3. Tag Imagine: In your caption or post, make sure to tag @ImagineDestinations and use the official anniversary hashtag, #Imagine20Years.
  4. Share Your Story: Share a brief story or description of your travel experience, mentioning what makes the destination special to you.

What Happens Next:

By tagging Imagine and using the official hashtag, your photos will be part of our anniversary celebration. We’ll be sharing and featuring selected photos on our own social media accounts and website throughout 2024, showcasing the diverse and beautiful destinations our community loves.

Whether you’re exploring new horizons or revisiting your favorite places, we invite you to be a part of our celebration by sharing your travel stories and photos. Join us in spreading the love for travel and adventure during Imagine’s 20th anniversary! #Imagine20Years

Rebecca Barnes

Rebecca aka DMO's Best Friend is the CEO of Imagine. With more than three decades of experience launching and operating award-winning companies, she gained invaluable insights into the intricate challenges that businesses encounter. Harnessing this expertise, she has build successful tourism marketing programs, initiatives, and campaigns for counties, cities, towns, venues, hotels, and captivating destinations. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her Grands, reading, traveling, and sleeping.

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