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Loyalty Rewards & Gifts in Business


Gifts can show someone you care on an individual level or in the business world. Reward trusted business partners with gifts to show them you value your relationships. However, it’s important not to go overboard — everyone has different interests, so make sure to take into consideration the interests of the person you work with.

The Game

There’s no better gift for a sports fan than tickets to the game. This can be a high-end gift after closing a big deal with a client, or once a joint project is completed. If tickets are hard to come by in your town, StubHub is a useful tool for finding rare tickets, as a resale market for those who can’t make the big game. While tickets are sometimes marked at inflated prices, if you’re business deal has gone through, it just might be worth it.

Simple is Best

Sometimes the old standbys are the best way to win someone over. A stunning bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates sent to their office might be a welcome surprise for them to share with the rest of their business division.


If your business associate is a patron of the arts, tickets to an art show opening will be a perfect gift. From performing arts, to art museum exhibitions or installations, a gift like this says you’ve been listening and have made a note about personal interests. While business is all about closing deals or finishing up projects, it’s good business to learn about the person you’re working with. This shows you have an interest in people as individuals, not just as a means to an end.

The Great Outdoors

After laboring for hours on work sites or in the office on a lengthy project, some people like to get out into the wilderness as a reward. Inviting your business partner on a hunting or backpacking trip might be time consuming, but will also give you another way to connect with someone you’ve already spent so much time with. Planning an adventure in the great outdoors can solidify your relationship as individuals, as well as business partners. Check out the trips and hikes has to offer.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty is hard to come by, so it’s important to reward those who stand by your company through thick and thin. You can offer a loyalty rewards plan: the more often customers use your services or products, the more often they get periodic discounts on essentials they need. This not only keeps customers and clients coming back, but also shows them you care about their patronage. Another way to reward loyal customers is with a point system that allows customers to earn and use points depending on how much they rely on your business.


For those clients and customers who stick with you no matter what, give them the opportunity to win some of your products or services for free. Enter each of them in a raffle for no charge and pull first, second and third prizes. Whether you’re rewarding them in your area of expertise or with items inspired by this article, holding periodic giveaways can increase interest in your company as well as keep those customers, you’ve had for so long, happy.

Patrick King

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