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Patrick King

Straightforward Marketing Talks with a Dash of Humor

Patrick King, branding and marketing speaker, and president of Virginia-based Imagine, has dedicated the last fourteen years to helping brands strengthen their visibility, reputation, and sales funnels. Working closely with his designers, developers, and copywriters, he stays involved in client projects, making his advice road-tested and relevant in today’s digital world.

Speaking on topics ranging from his experiences that teach us how to be better marketers, to strategy for destinations and current and upcoming digital trends, Patrick’s presentations deliver insight through warmth, insight, and easy-to-grasp delivery.

Patrick currently serves as the President of the American Marketing Association‘s chapter in Washington, DC, and frequently contributes to the growing digital marketing community.

Popular Topics Include
  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Destination Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Digital Strategy
  • Creativity
  • Community Engagement
  • Thought Leadership
  • Culture
  • Customer Experience

“Patrick's refreshing energy, endless creativity, and quick response have made it an absolute pleasure to work with him, and his speaking ability is unparalleled. We would love to clone him!”

Maria-Christina KolodziejDirector, LEWIS PR division for Comcast Business

"Patrick shared his personal journey in a humorous way that not only inspired his audience to reach for their dream, but showed them how to achieve it.”

Stacy BarrettPresident-Elect, SMPS Philadelphia Chapter

"Patrick King reminded us of our need to go beyond setting goals for ourselves, but to dream big and make it real and vivid. Dreaming will push you forward and beyond the horizon to places your cannot see.”

Tom Townes AIA, FSMPS, CPSMDirector of Business Development, SMPS

Popular Talks from Patrick King

While he typically creates a talk specifically for each event, there are a few that have been requested for him to repeat.

“Tribal Thinking: Your Culture’s Impact on Organizational Growth”
Since time immemorial, we’ve sought out friends/colleagues/partners who think like us, see the world like us, and choose to live like us – we’re in constant pursuit of community in our personal and business lives.

Through your organization’s mission, purpose and values, along with the day-to-day activities and community interests, it already has a culture that’s one-of-a-kind and nearly impossible for your competition to replicate. This presentation will show how to take that culture to not only attract new business faster than ever before but also create superfans of your current client base.

“If You’re the Smartest Person in the Room, Change Rooms!”
In a presentation that has inspired professionals young and old, King goes through his own journey of discovering the one concept that pulled him from a homeless 17 year old to founding a bi-coastal, powerhouse marketing firm, as dubbed by Inc. magazine. This presentation will provide attendees with the approach and concrete steps to propel themselves to the next level of their professional career.

“10 Hacks to Boost Engagement on Social Media”
Increasing engagement and conversions on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is an ongoing process, with each of them proving to be a constantly moving target. In this presentation, you’ll learn how and why each platform changes the way businesses are able to promote, and ten road-tested techniques to stay ahead of them.

“The Science of Creativity”
Many think that creativity is something for a select few, that some people are “just born with it”. The stories of some of history’s most creative minds all point to the contrary. In a 30-minute presentation, Patrick King will explain what made these people exceptional at their work, the science behind it, and how anyone can replicate the process to make it work for them.

Other talks include:

“Getting More Out of Email Marketing and Drip Campaigns”

“Using Data and Automation for Better Storytelling”

“The Shift from Social Media to Recommendation Media”

“Tribal Thinking: Your Culture’s Impact on Business Growth”

“Google Analytics: What Small Businesses REALLY Need to Know”

“Managing Your Online Reputation Through Online Reviews”

“Become An Industry Thought Leader: Build Trust, Grow Your Audience”

“How to Love Public Speaking…or At Least Be OK At It”


Patrick’s speaking fee ranges from $2,750 to $3,750 per session, plus travel expenses. The cost depends on the specific situation, including the topic(s), date, location, and presentation length. Let us know what you’d like Patrick to cover and we will gladly provide a free estimate, including travel costs from the Washington, DC area.

Are you with a small DMO? Patrick will often consider waiving speaking fees when presenting to smaller destinations.

To help reduce your costs and can handle the technology logistics, Patrick is open to presenting virtually via Zoom/Teams/videoconference or pre-recorded presentations.

Although sometimes available with less advance notice, Patrick typically books 3-5 months in advance.

Interested in learning more? Contact Patrick to learn how having him as a marketing speaker can enlighten, entertain and inspire your audience.