Nearly $600 Raised for Local Family Displaced by Fire

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Emma.EvelynLast month, we asked you to help us make Imagine’s first “Blessings from Curses” fundraiser a success, and you did! Together, we raised $585 for Emma Young and her family, whose house caught fire over Memorial Weekend. After months of living in hotel rooms, the Youngs are happy to finally be settling back into their Montclair home.

Emma’s positive attitude and concern for others throughout their ordeal inspired the fundraiser. Even as the family of three lived in a hotel, Emma expressed gratitude for simple blessings, such as having clean water with which to brush her teeth. Immediately after the fire, she started GoFundMe campaigns for neighbors also displaced that day; seeking nothing for her own family.

The first purchase to be made with the donated funds?¬† “We promised [our daughter] that she could pick out a new panda,” said Emma, explaining that her four year-old’s favorite stuffed animal was destroyed by the fire.

Thank you for all who helped us do good, one bad word at a time! Please also take a moment to nominate a worthy nonprofit for our annual “We Fight Ugly” contest. The winning organization will receive a free website designed and developed by the Imagine team.


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