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Review of a casino site from web design point of view

Online casino websites have undergone a number of changes over the years. Initially they were designed exclusively for clients who used PCs and laptops, then as mobile gained in importance operators began offering scaled down scaled down mobile casinos. While these plugged a gap, they tended to be limited offering only a selection of the games that were available for clients playing on fixed devices. The limitations imposed by 3G connectivity also meant that the mobile gaming experience was a little shaky. Take a look at poker directories at

The latest trend in casino website design is responsive design. Responsive online casinos sites like are designed for multiple devices, for instance PC and laptops, tablets and smartphones. Rather than having multiple sites, they use a single site from but the content that is delivered is dependent on the king of device being used. A responsive casino determines the kind of device by checking the size of the browser window being used as well as the display size and the resolution. It uses this information to modify the way in which the website is delivered. In terms of the display, a flexible grid and special scaling rules are used to transit a properly scaled display as well as usable buttons and calls to action, while in the case of mobile devices using 4G or 3G connectivity unnecessary content is stripped away so as to improve apparent connectivity speed.

Responsive web design is not a new idea, the concept has been around for several years. It uses CSS3 media queries to deliver specific client experiences depending on whether or not various conditions are met. However it is only over the last year that online casino developers have been using it. 2014 will be the year that most online casinos become responsive, though there are still many challenges involved in developing responsive games, especially when the games are complex.

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