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Skittles Makes Mother’s Day Brilliantly Weird

By May 10, 2017 No Comments

She drinks a dangerous amount of soda, she’s allergic to everything that floats in the air, but she’s the first one to say she’s proud of me. My mother is a truly special, uniquely weird person. And I love her for it.

Fortunately, even with her quirks, she’s not this kind of weird. Thank God.

While almost every other advertiser out there tries to pull at your heartstrings in an attempt to guilt you into buying Mama some fried chicken or a bucket of fruit, but Skittles has taken a more interesting approach. No surprise since they’re whole thing seems to be brilliantly uncomfortable ads, including this one starring a beard with a mind of its own, or one featuring a disturbed pinata man.

No matter how odd your relationship may be with your mother is, at least you now know it could be worse. So taste the rainbow, then call her and wish her a happy Mother’s Day.


Patrick King

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