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Social Media Rule #3: Know Your Audience [Infographic]

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The social media universe is a big, big place, with tons of different people doing tons of different things. And in that universe is you – brilliant, fetching, world-changing you – just trying to be heard. Unfortunately, you’re spending an embarrassing amount of time online posting updates, sharing content, but it all seems to fall on deaf ears. Your follower activity is dismal, you’re not seeing the revenue to justify the time, and you’re about to give up and go back to cold calling.

But don’t. That sucks.

Instead, focus on learning more about your audience, and how it behaves. Depending on the sites you use, the content you create, and even the time of day, you can make a serious difference in boosting your activity and spend far less time in the process. And leave “dialing for dollars” in the past, where it belongs.


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