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Tips to Spring Clean Your Social Media

The snow has finally melted. The flowers are blooming. This means it’s time for the annual spring cleaning. This year, in addition to your house, office and car, you should give your social profiles a good scrubbing. According to Social Media Today, as beneficial as the internet is to your company’s marketing, if not monitored, it can make a huge mess of your efforts. If your information is outdated, that incorrect information will get picked up by many websites, making it even more difficult to get you back on track. Depending on how long it has been since you last gave your social accounts a good once over, much has probably changed in your personal life and/or your business world, not to mention tons of changes in technology.

Social Media and network illustrationSecurity

One of the most important things you should start with in your efforts to update and clean your social profiles, is updating the passwords. The Chicago Tribune advises that you make sure that all your social profiles (even the ones you do not use often) have secure passwords. They advise using different passwords for each account, and to not to use birthdays, addresses or your zip code. They also highlight that you should absolutely not use your ATM pin.

Other ways to make sure your social profiles do not fall into the wrong hands and do irreparable damage to your reputation and your bank accounts, is to utilize is to use an identity theft protection service. With so many accounts out there, it is too easy to overlook one until it is too late. These companies monitor any suspicious activity using your identity and alerts you to what they find. They also track your credit score, and if you do fall victim while you are a member, they guarantee to spend up to $1 million to rectify the situation.

Goals and Performance

Another item to have on your annual spring cleaning checklist is to assess the goals you set for your social networks and your business. Search Engine Watch states that you should take a look at your analytics and determine the growth, performance and audience of each of your social profiles. You want to then go into each social network and make any necessary adjustment to reflect changes in your overall business plans.

Account Audit

Acquisio discusses some of the items you want to consider when taking stock and making adjustments to your accounts.

Frequency of Updates: How often you update your social platforms varies by company, but what is important is the consistency. Your followers expect to get regular updates from you, so disappearing for long stretches will erode your audience.

Quality: The most important aspect of social sharing is the quality of the content you broadcast. What will lose your audience quicker than not posting consistently is posting information no one cares about. Make sure your content is speaking to your audience and keeping them engaged.

Add New Platforms: New social networks are popping up on a regular basis. If you just set up your profiles when you started social networking and called it a day, you could be missing newer and better ways to connect with your audience. Vine and Instagram Video came on the scene since last spring, so make sure you are involved in all relevant social networks or you could miss out on some big ones.

Future Preparation

Once you have completed your spring cleaning, do not let your accounts sit and collect dust again until next year. Event Journal recommends spending several hours every month keeping everything updated and making sure your getting the right messages out consistently.

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