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Tourism and Economic Development Advisors

A Full-Service Economic Development and Tourism Consulting Firm

Every destination faces challenges as they grow, and many of them seem unique. We’ve worked with small towns, counties, and even small nations to help match their challenges with our experience. The result is our mission: to create growing, resilient communities.

From research and workshops to strategies and more specialized services (budgeting, recruitment, etc.), everything we do is geared toward destinations.

Tourism Consulting Inset

What We Offer

Consulting Retreats

For major shifts in your destination’s direction, we provide a 3-day strategic intensive to solve the big challenges. This session is a mix of workshops, presentations, guided discussions, and brainstorming. Contact us for a sample agenda and program syllabus.

On-Demand Training Resources

Ideal for downtown restaurants and shops, our online courses in social media, search engine optimization, and advertising empower your community and enhance your tourism marketing plan.

Tourism Consulting Services

  • Comprehensive Tourism Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Behavioral Research and Audience Definition
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Community Engagement/Buy-In
  • Messaging and Communication
  • Budgeting and Investment Planning
  • Industry Communication (B2B)
  • Sustainability and Succession Planning
  • Organizational Structure
Tourism Strategy Services

Tourism Consulting Case Studies

Our travel and tourism consulting services include a wide variety of topics, including brand discovery, life cycle analysis, positioning, community engagement, sustainable tourism, and more. Each challenge is unique, so our approach allows us to dig deep into your community and see it through your eyes – as well as the eyes of your visitors. Here are just a few examples of our impact on the travel and tourism industry.

Services: sponsorship program development, event planning, brand definition and development, marketing strategy.

Services: on-site marketing planning, pillar definition, roles/responsibilities, cross-departmental collaboration, team building.

Services: audience definition, program viability studies, budgeting, market research, advertising campaigns, video production.

Services: market research and strategy, audience definition, brand development, community engagement, budgeting, vendor selection, agency-of-record services.



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What makes Imagine great to work with is that they take a lot of time to get to know you right off the bat, so I think that’s really different and special. They don’t jump right into the project, which I like. They do their research on the client before they walk in the door.

Director of ProgramsAirlie

I recently worked with Imagine to create a logo for a new program we are promoting to encourage tourists to travel by train in Virginia. What we ended up with was beyond our expectations. I highly recommend Imagine for your marketing needs.

Director of Tourism SalesVisit Prince William County, Virginia

Imagine has developed our brand, marketing strategy and continues to help as our tourism industry continues to grow and thrive. They've made a huge difference in the grouwth of our community.

Stephanie RebantTravel Berkeley Springs, WV

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